1 Here is your ID name and Guild name. Also under it is your current profile level, XP and progress to the next level.
Screenshot 2015-06-02-22-50-34-0
2 Purchasing Gold gives you VIP benefits. Your level and the rewards can be seen here.
3 Total Hope, and Hope recovery times are listed here.
4 Your running total of your currencies is on this row.
5 Honor Coins, Lost Coins and Raid Stone totals are listed here.
6 Here's your total of Virago. Used for upgrading skills.
7 You can only fight so many bosses per day. Here is your running total.
8 You can do so many Arena Battles per day. Here is your running total.
9 Here's how many demons you have collected out of the total in the game.
10 If you bought the Devil's Gold Cache, here's how long you have left before the bundle runs out.
11 Here's what the UTC time is, SHG always use UTC when talking about the game (Events, Updates etc).
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