The Ritual Edit

The Ritual is a limited time, PvE event in Chains of Darkness.

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The main event screen shows the available time left for the event.

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The first Ritual ended on 2015.06.02

Gaining Event Coins Edit

During the event you can receive Event Coins as follows:

  • You receive two times the hope you've spent (for example: you spend 8 Hope on on a normal stage, you will receive 16 coins).
  • Raid Bosses give you 100 Event Coins for each battle


Event Coin usage Edit

You can use up your accumulated coins in the Gift box. Each Gift box contains 200 items, 8 of which are shown. As you extract more and more items from the Gift box, the probability of getting the shown items will get higher and higher.Eventually, when you pulled out 200 items from the box you are guaranteed to get the remaining of the shown items.

Resetting the Gift boxEdit

You can refresh the box and generate another 200 items for 100 gold at any time.

Double timeEdit

During the events periodically you will receive Double Time. You can see when this will start and end on the main event page. Event coins earned during this time naturally doubled (You would spend 20 hope in a dungeon normally you'd get 40 coins, but during this time you will get 80 Event Coins).

Leaderboards Edit


Extra rewards are given when you rank high during the event

There are 2 leader boards in the PvE event section. A daily leader board and also a leader board for the entire duration for the event. There are extra event coin prizes for ranking highly.

NOTE: Spending your event coins will not effect your rank. Your rank is based on your maximum total not your current total.

Ritual Variants Edit

The Dragon Boat Ritual


During the Dragon Boat Ritual you will be able to generate "Event coins" in the form of ZhongZi to celebrate the Dragon Boat festival in China, by playing the Story mode stages. (in other aspects, this is like the original ritual in every aspects)

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