The Soul Cube is where you can summon all maner of hellish things. Demons, Equipment, Shards and Materials are all available from within the power of the cube.

Gold Summon Edit

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Gold and Soul Coin summons are an easy way to get extra materials

Using Gold to summon from the cube gives you a greater chance to find the good stuff (rarer and more powerful) compared to the Soul Coin summon. You can do one summon for 500g, or you can pull 10 summons at once for 4500g and get a GUARANTEED demon. (It's worth noting that if you pull a demon card that you already own, you will recieve shards instead.)

Soul Coin Summon Edit

You can also do summons from the cube using Soul Coins, yet the items and such you find using this method will be of a lower quality than if you had done the gold summon. It costs 10,000 Soul Coins to do 1 summon, or you can still do 10 summons at once for 90,000, but there is no guarantee of getting anything special from doing the 10 summon.

Free Summon Edit

  • Every day, you can do 10 free pulls from the Soul Coin summon.

After doing a pull, you must wait 10 minutes before you can do the next free pull.

  • There is also a free Gold summon that you can do on average every 2 days, although you can lower this waiting time by raising your VIP level by purchasing Gold.

The Ritual Edit

The Ritual is an ingame event that occured for a limited time. Players earned Event Coins for completing Normal dungeons, and from these coins they were able to summon multiple items from the cube. More info.

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