The two major social aspect of CoD are Friends and Guilds


You can add friends in the following menu:

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Friends can be used for the following:

  • You can use the leader of your friend to aid your team in battles (normal and hard mode). Before the battle start, you need to choose your friend's leader card. During the battle you can activate your Friends demon my tapping it's portrait. Important: You can only use the guest demon once per battle.
  • You can send your friend 5 free Hope once per a day (In return your friend will hopefully send you the same, this way you can earn extra 50 hope / day, because you can gather only from 10 friends per a day, however the Hope not gathered from firends will stay until you gather it, even during next day.)
  • You can request your friends to help you defend your Devil Fruit Mines. One friend can join, you can send invitation to all.
  • Fiends can be used to help with Devil's Fruit mines. Once you start a public mine (called "Blood Bath"), you can invite multiple friends to assist with defending your mine. Only 1 of them may accept.
  • Friends can beused on 2star+ Expeditions. You can select maximum of 1 to fill in a missing spot when you have no more demons of a specific element. This way more expeditions can be done, even if you have not enough demons.


Guilds are currently implemented only at basic level, implememntation is in progress. Read more about the guild features at the dedicated Guild page.

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