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Story (normal) mode

Chains of Darkness presents a story mode where the player finds himself in hell, along with a team of characters. First he fights to get out of hell, but as the story progresses he finds out the true purpose and power of himself in the hellish landscape.

"You are distracted from this battle by sights and sounds that are not of this world, that exist and seen only by your mad senses, You are not really here, are you?" - Satan
The player can choose a stage, and on the stage map further battles are places. Beating all will awad the player with rewards. From normal stsages equipment shards are rewarded,

Hard mode

In hard mode, players are profressing through the same stages as they did on normal story modem however wach battle is harder and the rewards are demon shards instead of equipment. Hard mode is a great way of getting new members to your ream.

Each hard mode battle can be tried 3 times after that the player have the ability to reset hard mode. This costs 20g at first time, 50g second time, 80g third time.


Various dungeons are in this section, most of which are periodically become active / locked.

Type of Dungeons:

  • Elemental mines (earth, wind, fire, water)
  • Stone treasure (Demon evolving material)
  • XP mines, Virago mines (These are changing from locked / active at the same time)
  • Equip material (Materials to evolve Eqiupments)
  • Soil Coins


Raids in CoD are against powerful demons with billions of health. Players challenge them simultaneously. The list of players and the damage they've done are on the main raid page.

During the battle, elemental weakness crystals will appear. When player attacks these crystals with the element the demon is weak to he will do significantly higher damage. A good tactic for Raids is to create a team consisting of demons that all share the element the Raid boss is weak to. However, remember that due to the exponential nature of demon progression a highly evolved demon not of the weak element will still do more damage than a low level demon of the correct element.

Each raid is two hours long, there are twelve raids per day. Prizes for each raid are handed out based upon rank. First, Second and Third place receive shards of the demon fought during the raid at three, two and one respectively. While a descending amount of raid crystals and equipment shards is handed out to all participants. The rarity of the equipment shards received seems to be linked to your player level, with higher level players receiving rarer shards regardless of their position in the leaderboard.

Raids can be reset for 100g, limited times (2 / day at VIP4)

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