Expeditions are a type of PvE activity in CoD. You may send your demons fro different activities, which can be categorized with different star ratings. The higher the star rating, the longer it takes to complete it as well as more demons to participate.

Expedition type Time to complete Rewards (One of the below)
30 min     Blood of the soul
1 hour
Demon blood
4h India of the soul
4 instepstone
24h High soil particles
Total Expedition stars count / day Rewards
10* 20000 soul coins
20* 5x demon evolve material (Slash or Slice)
30* 5x equipment evolve material (Eye of the soul or Blood of the soul)
40* 5x demon evolve material (Rend or Bash)
50* 3* equipment shard/ 1-5x smash?
60* 50000 soul coins
70* 4* equipment shard/ 1-5x smash
80* 2* demon shard
90* 80000 soul coins
100* 3* demon shard
110* 3* demon shard/ 4* equipment shard
120* 3* demon shard/ 4* equipment shard
130* 100000 soul coins
140* (max / day) 100 gold
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